Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glass Neoclassic Dining Debacle

Let's not beat around the dust bunnies ... unloading this was a royal pain in the ass. My advice? Never, I repeat never, replace large pieces of furniture without disposing of what you have first. I thought I was cool, clever, and so HGTV after purchasing a rather large, espresso teak table to compliment my new mocha-colored walls -- before selling the 54" glass pedestal monstrosity already sitting in my dining room. Yeah, right. 

Not thinking it would take over a YEAR to ditch the designer albatross, I graciously found it a temporary home on my balcony. Big mistake. Until it sold, I couldn't hose down the damn balcony for fear of causing damage to the table. Inches of filth and 365+ days later, some lucky family fell in love -- and was actually willing to pay a fair price. Hell, I'm not a charity and giving it away practically free isn't in my vocab. Yes, there were plenty of requests to "take it off my hands for $100" or other C-listers scoffing at my asking price, but guess what? Screw them ... it's only dirt.

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