Sunday, November 16, 2008

No One Can Resist a Little Frame, Must, and Pixie Dust ... Can They?

"Selling six framed Disney posters ... perfect for a kid's room. Includes Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and Peter Pan. Size is 16" x 20"; take all for $20. Email for info."

Doesn't anyone give a damn about decorating their kids' rooms anymore? I thought these would be snatched in a second. Well, I was wrong ... about two years worth of wrong. Until I posted a PlayStation 1 game console on the C-List. We already owned a PS2, three Gameboys (maybe four, I forget), and Nintendo, so this was just ridiculous to keep. At first I was asking $65, but soon came down to $45 and finally $35.

After several postings, I had a bite. Some guy wanted to stop by and pick it up on a Friday night. Fine. Then he called back to reschedule for Saturday morning and asked if I had any baby items. Excuse me? He'd looked through my image site and said his wife really wanted to know if there was any baby stuff for sale. Sorry, I said, that ship sailed ages ago.

Anyway, when I was bringing the PS1 down to him, I got the brilliant idea to take the damn posters with me. Who could pass up the House of Mouse? (Please. Do me a favor and don't answer that.) Upon seeing the posters, his first reaction was "Where's the PlayStation?" I pulled it out and he paid immediately. No prob.

I said the posters were really the only baby items I had and threw in the perfunctory, "They look sooo adorable in a baby's room!" (Hell, I wanted to unload these suckers.) He nervously looked over to his car and said maybe he'd come back for the posters. I told him to take them all for only $20. He ran over to the car to check with his wife. Talk about whipped. Seconds later he was packing them in the trunk. We know who wears the Mickey ears in that family.

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