Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hunka, Hunka Burning PVC

Back in the 1990s when TV's "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" made Kevin Sorbo's buff bod the wet dream of women the world over, show producers licensed hunky Herc onto every imaginable product. It was Christmas and my daughter, then six, knew how much I loved to drool over his perfect pecs. She reassured me that someday I'd meet him. As a joke, I purchased the 10" Hercules action figure, wrapped it up, and tagged it "To Mommy ... Love, Santa."

While tearing through her gifts on Christmas morning, she squealed with delight "Mommy! Mommy! Santa left you a present too!" Laughing to myself, I played along and opened the doll. She gasped. "You must have been very, very, very good," she surmised. The only response I could muster? "Honey, if I were that good Santa would've brought me the real thing!"  

Needless to say,  Kevin's moved on (as have I) and this  doll is just one of the many "collectibles" sitting in storage boxes that tower to the ceiling. Timespan on C-list? At least a good three years ... has no one else seen this damn show? Where the hell are all the toy collector geeks who go ga-ga over this crap? Beats me. Oh, you're one of them? (Oops.) Well, if you're interested, Herc is STILL for sale as of this posting. $45 or best offer takes him. Local/cash only; buyer picks up. Sigh ... how I miss his leather chaps and glistening biceps!

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