Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Married Mac Hottie ... Aren't They All?

And now that I've gotten your attention ... this pic's only eye-candy for my torrid tale of C-list lust (is there any other kind?) so just hear me out. About two years ago, the answer to my daughter's tireless bitching about not having Internet access was simple -- she needed a computer with plug 'n play capabilities that would save me hours on the phone with tech support and that meant a Mac. Hence, the adorable Justin Long. 

Okay, okay, he has nothing to do with my story ...  I just didn't have another picture to illustrate my point. Buying a Mac was the perfect solution as she'd have that dire necessity kids her age can't coexist without - i-Socialization skills - and I'd finally have some damn peace. Price was a consideration and I wasn't sure if I should buy new or used. Hundreds or thousands? Hmmm, tough call. After scouring the C-List for deals, I found a tad more than what I bargained for. 

A local graphic designer listed his extra G5 for only $175, which included a cheap computer table/desk. Done. We set up a time so I could check it out and let me tell you, this was a mighty fine piece of machinery. The seller, that is. "Paul" would no doubt give ol' Kevin Sorbo a run for his leather-clad loins. (See my "Hunka, Hunka Burning PVC" post.) Ooo, baby ... hands-down, this guy was totally hot. In all fairness, the Mac was in good condition too.

My, my, my -- what a potentially delicious situation we had here! Yeah right. Of course, there's always a catch. Said gorgeous guy was married to an equally good-looking-but-older (go figure), laid-back chick and they had two adorable little boys. And why wouldn't they? Isn't that the way Murphy's Law of Love 'n Lust works? Makes complete sense to me ... the good ones are either married or gay. What was so damn cute was how obviously in love they were -- they even called each other pet names. Jeez, it figures. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE? Adding insult to injury, both he and his wife were incredibly warm, nice, and helpful. They were hard to hate ... torture I tell y'a.

We chatted like old friends about all sorts of things ... in addition to the computer. I actually went back to their apartment twice 'cause originally I didn't want the stupid table, but then figured I could sell it myself. Duh. Though I swore I'd keep in touch with names of potential clients to help him/them out, I never did. But it was nice to know (surprise, surprise) the butterflies still exist. Um, hey Justin, you free?

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