Sunday, November 16, 2008

Potty-Training Woody Doll

Toy Story's Cowboy Woody Doll does a lot of things but would you ever guess potty training? Parents of toddlers take heart ... a pull-string might help the transition to pull-ups. Thinking I was clever when "Toy Story" first came out in 1994, I purchased two Talking Woody dolls - one for my daughter, the other to make my future eBay fortune. Yeah, right. 

Woody collected dust on the ol' C-list for years -- the only inquiries were from scammers or total flakes. Don'tcha just love the emails asking you to "find it in your heart to help a little girl who's sick"? Or, "I just bought my dad's medicine and can write you a post-dated check. I'm not a scammer. Really. Here's my eBay site." Honey, if you're smart enough to have an eBay site, just cough up the cash. Save your sob stories for someone who gives a damn. Seriously. 

And then about a month ago, boom. A note from a mom who said she promised her son a Talking Woody doll if he stopped wearing diapers and went on the potty. He did and now she had to keep her part of the bargain. I kid you not. Infant daughter in tow, she stopped by the next day to pick up Woody and said she would've promised the moon just so she didn't have to buy diapers for two kids.  

She also mentioned stores were no longer selling this doll. Which was news to me. She didn't want to deal with eBay shipping -- or so she said. Turns out the real reason (my opinion) mom was eager to bag this bargain was because on eBay my $35 doll was now $95.  Oh well, breaking even's not too terrible ... as long as it doesn't happen often. 

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